Raven Twin Gusset Shoe
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These shoes are ideal for every day use. Designed with twin elastiicated gussets for easy on and off – reducing the hassle of laces. Chisen toe design giving it a sleek look. Faux leather lining and durable construction to ensure comfort and length of life.

The above washing instruction will ensure satisfactory wear, however in order to keep the garment in optimum condition and ensure extended life we recommend the following:

  • Before washing turn the garment inside-out
  • Only half load the washing machine
  • Remove the garment from the washing machine as soon as the wash is finished
  • Shake the garment out well and place on a hanger or rack
  • Do not use Non-biological washing powder or detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioner

For more detailed information please see Garment Care

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